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Recently, as there is an increasing need for delivery services from Japan to overseas.
Many companies focus on this field.
E-commerce is one of them.

However, there is a growing need for delivery needs in other trading companies too.
Therefore, our company provides cost-effective and efficient delivery service between Japan and
overseas to support your business.

Comparison between our company and
other companies in different aspects

Our Service UPS / DHL / Fedex EMS
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Shipment Service
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Invoice Writing
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  • *1 Even there is only one package to be delivered, you can use our delivery service at an affordable price.
  • *2 Since we have specific warehouses, we can pay your package on arrival.
    We can take care of your packages even on weekends.
    You do not need to bring your packages to the logistics companies in person.
  • *3 We will create the lengthy English invoice for you in order to save you time and trouble.

Our service is ALL IN ONE

We aim to solve all your problems encountered in delivery.
Our service is cheaper than other companies and can deliver your packages to more than 220 countries.

Oversea Delivery Procedure

Oversea Delivery Procedure

Transportation by sea is OK!

We cooperate with the freighters that deliver heavy-loaded packages to all over the world
and we offer this transportation service at a very affordable price.

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Any question from you matters.
Feel free to contact us any time.

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