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Shipping dangerous goods, Batteries, Flammable products, Spray cans, etc. Around the world by airmail Quickly, Safely and Easily

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Overseas delivery of Dangerous Goods

Shipping dangerous
goods that is refused by
other companies.

Translating MSDS to
English or Chinese.

IATA licensed to handle
and ship
dangerous goods.

Examples of Dangerous Goods

Examples of dangerous goodsExamples of dangerous goodsExamples of dangerous goods

Please feel free to contact us regarding shipping and delivery's even if you do not have
an importation license for dangerous goods, batteries, flammable products, spray cans, etc.
That are difficult to deliver by airmail.

Fast door to door shipping

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Dangerous goods shipping procedures


We will handle shipping carges and required documents
regarding dangerous goods shipping.

Please feel free to contact us.

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WhatsApp : +81-3-6365-6230
Domestic : 03-6365-6230

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WhatsApp : +81-3-6365-6230
Domestic : 03-6365-6230