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Overseas shipping of fresh products and
processed products that
require low temperature control,
Please contact us
if you have any concerns or questions.

We will transport fresh foods from airports all over Japan to all over the world.
In some areas, we will deliver by Door to Door.

Examples of fresh

Beef, pork, chicken, fresh fish, processed fish products(dried fish, etc.),
fruits in general, fresh flowers, etc.

International fresh products transportation

Domestic Delivery

We can arrange transportation from the warehouses or markets to the airport where it can be shipped.
*You can make your own arrangements.

Repackaging and
Cooling Packaging

We can arrange the appropriate packaging according to the desired temperature and product conditions.

Export Slips and
Invoices Reparation

We will help preparing the exportation documents.
* The final invoices and documents that require signatures should be made by the shipper.

Phytosanitary Inspection /
Animal Quarantine

At the airport, we will take out the goods from the cargo and quarantine the plants and animals.
* There is no time loss due to quarantine.
* There is a loss of the product.

Customs Clearance

Within Japan, we help arranging customs clearance exportation papers.

Refrigerated or
Freezed storage

If there is a difference in the arrival time at the airport, we can store the products in the refrigerated or freezed storages.

Arranging Airfreight to
Any Designated
Country or Airports

Please specify the country or airport to which you want to ship the fresh food for us to arrange either direct or transit flights.


We can arrange insurance for fresh food.
* Please contact us for details.

and importation

We will handle all contracts, transportation arrangements, document collection, and cash collection.

Shipping Airports

Shipping Airports

Transportation and shipping process


If you have any questions,
please don't hesitate to contact us

Contact Us

WhatsApp : +81-3-6365-6230
WhatsApp Chat

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